Ok, third and last try

I started to write my own blog a few years ago. It has been in German and about Flash Lite. After I ended my Diploma Thesis about Flash Lite, it became uninteresting for me, but also the Technology itself became unnecessary. So I wasn’t writing any articles anymore.

The second try to restart this blog was again in German and than about Flash, Flex and the Technologies around that. But after my third post I stuck again, because I didn’t focused enough on this blog to keep it running.

Finally this will now be the last try to run a blog. This time in English, because I currently work at wooga  and the main language spoken there is English. With writing a blog in English I try to improve my English, and of course a lot more people can read the blog now. So if the English is not perfect, no matter I‘ m working on that. The content of this blog will not be a specific one. It’s all about technology, development, productivity and so on.


Posted Donnerstag, Oktober 20th, 2011 under general.

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