Tool: WasteNoTime, blocking time-wasting sites


I searched a long time for a good Safari browser extension for blacklisting some of the most time-wasting sites. In my daily work a have to do a lot with facebook and facebook games, its very cool but I have to avoid too much procrastination. With WasteNoTime I found a good solution.

With this extension you can set white- or blacklists for sites and define a time how long you can visit the blocked sites today. So you can have a look on your favorite facebook game, but after your defined time runs out, the game will be closed and a site opens up which says „shouldn’t you been working“ or something like this. Of course you can also define your own ‚Block Page‘.

Try it out. Its free and I think its for Safari only, but maybe there are some similar AddOns for Firefox or Chrome.

Posted Donnerstag, Oktober 20th, 2011 under general.

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