Tool: Spirited Away, hides inactive applications


Spirited Away is a productivity tool that helps you to stay focused on what you do.

The description on the developers page explain it as: „Spirited Away checks each running application’s activity, and if an application isn’t active for a certain fixed time, Spirited Away hides the application automatically.“

The tool shows up in your Macs statusbar as a little icon. From there you can exclude these apps you don’t want to have closed automatically and the Preferences.

The Preferences Panel is also very simple and allows you to set the time an app has to be idle until it’s closed.


I use it at work and it’s active the whole time. It’s cool to have a cleaned up Desktop and only the used apps open. For me it helps a lot to stay focused and in the „flow“, because it minimizes the distraction from Browser windows and especially Facebook. Try it out its free, but for Mac only.



Posted Donnerstag, April 12th, 2012 under general.

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