Deck Rack: The new longboard rack in town!

Some time ago, I was looking for a good longboard rack, to have a nice looking rack that can hold my sons skateboard and my longboard. I couldn’t find a good one, so I decided to build my own one and documented it in a blogpost.

Some months later, I checked my blog statistics and … wow … this post got some love from Google. The overview for search queries showed that the query for „longboard rack“ is in average on Google position 1.2??? What does it mean? I checked it right away…typing „longboard rack“ in Google search bar…and baaam: the very first result is an image of my rack. I was very happy, because I didn’t do anything for that. So my next thought: „Can I use that somehow?“, and yes I will try.

The idea: sell these longboard racks and put a link to the sale on the original post.

For selling it I needed some good, but cheap boards. After some research I got some help from Christian, a good friend and man behind TEN Skateboards ( He organized 10 blank wooden decks, for a good prize.

Now I had to craft them, but my space at home is very limited. If this project would be successful, there is no chance to make them at home. First idea: let them do in a carpenter’s shop. That would work, for sure. Second idea: my father could help me building the racks. My father taught me how to do all the woodworking and has a big garage with all tools available. Beside that he is already 60 years old and unfortunately has to do night shifts, still. So maybe, he can build the racks and if they are successful, he could go into pension a little bit earlier. Then he could do some work he loves (woodwork), do it at home and only he decides when he will work on it – bye, bye night shifts. That would be my dream! Lets see if that works out. And to take the pressure away from him I can still go to a carpenter’s shop, if demand gets too high.

I organized all parts: decks, screws and angle brackets and some days later at christmas we visited my parents for a week, and we crafted all 10 racks. We improved the design a little bit. Now the rack can only hold 3 boards instead of 4, but on the other side, it shows the boards better, the construction can handle more weight and we need only 2 angle brackets (makes it a little bit cheaper for the customers).

This is how it looks:

Now the first batch of racks are ready to sell. First I wanted to sell them at amazon, but there you need a bar code, which I don’t have. So I sell them on ebay, only in Germany for now, but if you are interested write me a line ( . In addition to that I built a small website, with the help of two awesome friends (Mario did the logo, Hassan did the logo font), gave it a name and registered the websites for it. The name for that project is „Deck Rack“, and the brand new Website is available under


Let’s see if it will be successful, I will keep you up to date.



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  1. A longboard in a longboard rack. Now that’s something I got to have.

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